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The Autistic Empire is an autistic social organisation built by and for autistic adults to form community based on autism as a civic identity and to provide practical tools and services for all autistic people.

The Empire was founded in the belief that autistic people are a distinct people united by our neurology with common lived experiences, both positive and negative. Due to historical misunderstandings about what it means to be autistic, we have been medicalised by wider society and treated as if there is something wrong with us. We do not believe this to be the case. Autistic people will always be a minority within the societies in which we live, and this means that we will always be seen as something other, even where we are not marginalised, mistreated, or discriminated against.

We are a community dominated by autistic people where minority stress does not exist, where autistic people can have a safe and supportive environment to engage in self-development and express their most authentic selves, and where we can develop solutions to the very real issues we can have as a people, such as sensory sensitivities, associated medical conditions such as epilepsy and allergies, and underdeveloped social and empathetic skills, which can then be exported to the wider world for the benefit of the whole autistic people.

Enrol and become a Citizen: explore autistic-majority spaces, build niche interest communities, enjoy your many privileges and rights and serve your social responsibilities. We’re building smart infrastructures exclusively for our people: use it to browse unique products, share your experiences, promote your work, access tailored support or support us financially and watch us grow. We’re here for everyone.

If you are autistic, you matter here. We are a proud, imperial collective that will leave its mark. Join us. This is our world.


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