Autism Alert Cards

Autism alert cards are a document that you can carry in your wallet to communicate your needs in an emergency or a situation in which you are unable to communicate them yourself.

Standard autism alert cards have a fixed text that is limited by the size of the card.  Here at the Autistic Empire, we’ve found that the alert cards that some of us carry rarely tell people what we need them to know when we’re having a problem while out and about.


We are therefore very excited to release a

fully customisable autism alert card!


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Tell people what you need them to know about yourself as an autistic person.

You can choose from 35 pre-set options across many different categories – behaviour, communication, sensory needs, environment, processing speeds, and meltdowns. You can edit these options, or add your own custom texts. You can tell people what YOU need them to know.

  • Inform people that you need a quiet area or to be left alone.
  • Certify that you are, in fact, autistic and you didn’t “make it up”.
  • Alert people to any comfort objects you need to carry.
  • Explain how someone should speak to you if you can’t speak to them.


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Other options


Emergency contact details: if you find yourself in trouble, hand over the card so people can contact your trusted person and let them know what has happened.


For more information: We have a page written up at to explain autism to authorities and professionals.


Empowerment/validation: Not everyone needs to prove they are autistic because they’re in trouble. This is your membership card to the autistic community! Show it to anyone who says, “You don’t look autistic” so they can know that you are officially autistic, and officially awesome.



Your card will be printed on our printer and shipped to you by first class post. Shipping is included in the price to UK addresses.

Please note! The Autistic Empire does not have employees and there’s a massive global pandemic on disrupting international shipping routes. We do our best to get your card out to you as fast as possible.


UPDATE Summer 2020

We have been working on these for some time, but sped up our development process in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As governments around the world mandate mask-wearing in public, this puts those of us with sensory sensitivities to masks in a very difficult position.

You can use our customisable options to explain why you are unable to wear a mask and, where applicable, cite your exemption in your jurisdiction.


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