Our Values

Values are the beliefs that you hold as most important and which guide your actions. Below are the values which guide our work in the Autistic Empire, with a brief explanation.


We are autistic

Every Citizen of the Autistic Empire embraces our autistic identity. Ambivalence or negative attitudes towards an externally imposed diagnosis is still taking that journey.


We are international

We work toward the enrolment of every autistic person on the planet, and operate across borders and cultural differences, adapting to local needs.


We are united

We have a strong sense of who we are and what we are trying to do, and will not be blown off course.


We are honest

It is ok to get it wrong sometimes. We do not mind admitting this so that others can benefit from our mistakes and help each other to do better.


We are experimental

We are willing to take risks, and try new things. Something does not have to be perfect before we get it out the door.


We are accountable

We know where our power lies. We know who is responsible for what. We create structures so everyone knows where they stand. 


We are empowered to make our own choices

We work towards a world where no autistic person feels like they do not understand the behaviour of other people, or feels anxious because they cannot predict how their actions will be understood by others.


We are a community

We are not a collective of individuals. We actively promote solidarity, reciprocal relationships and a sense of being part of something greater than ourselves.