Autistic Pride

An autistic pride flag. The infinity symbol represents neurodiversity, the rainbow represents the pride movement. Gold is used by autistic advocates as the chemical symbol for gold is Au. This flag is free to use, see bottom of this page.

Autistic Pride Day was first celebrated in 2005 by Aspies for Freedom and it quickly became a global event which is celebrated widely online and offline. AFF modelled the celebration on the gay pride movement.  According to Kabie Brook, the co-founder of Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH), “the most important thing to note about the day is that it is an autistic community event: it originated from and is still led by autistic people ourselves”, i.e. it is not a day for other charities or organisations to promote themselves or stifle autistic people. The rainbow infinity symbol is used as the symbol of this day, representing “diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities”.

The purpose of Autistic Pride is to show to the world that we are proud of being autistic and that we are not diseased or defective or in need of a cure. We have as much right to live a happy and fulfilled life as neurotypicals.

For much of the time many of us suppress or feel ashamed of our autistic behaviours. For this day we can cast any shame aside and be ourselves. The purpose of an Autistic Pride event is to create a space for autistic people to allow us to be ourselves.

For more background information on Autistic Pride, you can read a speech given by organiser Joseph Redford at London Autistic Pride 2019 here.


Upcoming Autistic Pride Events

If you would like to post a poster for your event below, please email it to us at

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most Autistic Pride events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. In 2020, a group of Autistic Pride organisers came together to create an online event, open to everybody from anywhere, which was a great success. This will be repeated for a second year in 2021.

Here we can be proud to be autistic and assert ourselves for a day.


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Welcome to this year’s Autistic Pride Online as presented by members of the Autistic Pride Alliance. You will see presentations from Aucademy, Spectrum Gaming, the Osime Brown Campaign, Autpad and friends, My Autistic Sparkle, poetry by Callum Brazzo (a massive favourite in last year’s Autistic Pride online) and more by various Autistic pride groups from all over the UK and beyond. It will all be on Youtube, a link will be emailed to sign-ups before the event starts. Please do grab yourself a few tickets and we look forward to you joining us on the day.

Tickets are free and can be booked here:

Signing up will ensure you receive reminders and any important information prior to the event.

Please click on this link to access our live stream on the day.

Facebook event is available here:

Final Speaker Schedule:
1 Joseph Redford 10:00:00
Jane Green 10:20:00
3 My Autistic Sparkle 10:40:00
4 Autistic Pride Aberdeen 11:05:00
5 Neurodivergent Labour 11:45:00
Autistic Empire 12:45:00
7 Nikki Hughes 13:45:00
8 Pride Empire 14:35:00
9 Dominic Baron 14:50:00
10 Jess Benton 15:10:00
11 Open discussion with participants 15:35:00
12 Autistic Pride Reading 16:40:00
13 Janine Booth 17:10:00
14 Osime Brown Campaign 17:30:00
15 Aucademy 17:45:00
16 Gwen and Naia 18:45:00
17 Jorick Mol 19:45:00
18 Peter Tatchell 20:05:00
19 Callum Brazzo 20:30:00
20 Paul Wady 20:50:00
(Names in bold are live sessions)
If you are doing a live session please make sure you join the zoom conference 10 minutes before your slot starts. Also, try and stick to the timing.
This event is sponsored by Autistic Pride Reading charity number 1180805. All views are contributors’ own and are not necessarily shared by Autistic Pride Reading.

Autistic Pride Online Celebration 2020

Autistic Pride Online celebration poster 2020

It was held on Zoom and streamed through YouTube. You can view some speeches from the day on the Autistic Pride Alliance YouTube channel here.


Autistic Empire’s founder, Sarah McCulloch, spoke on the topic of autistic inclusion which you can see on our YouTube channel here.





Autistic Pride around the World

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, nearly all offline Autistic Pride events were cancelled for the foreseeable future.

You can see a map of Autistic Pride Events all around the world in 2019:


Autistic Pride in the UK

Setting up an Autistic Pride event is super-easy and can be done with very short notice. If you have any questions about setting up an event where you are, you can join the “Autistic Pride Alliance” Facebook group for help with organising.


Autistic Pride Picnic 2018.


Autistic Pride Flag

The Autistic Empire has released a high-resolution, professionally designed, autistic pride flag under the Creative Commons free culture licence permitting any use of this flag, including commercial use, as long as attribution is made to the Autistic Empire (see details below).

The infinity symbol represents neurodiversity, the rainbow represents the pride movement. Gold is used by autistic advocates as the chemical symbol for gold is Au (from the Latin aurum). Gold is promoted as an alternative to non-autistic-led groups designating colours such as blue as a symbol for autism.

Feel free to use the autistic pride flag to make flags, banners, badges, print it, redesign it, sell it – it’s yours, forever.

Right-click to save as .png. Also available as a .eps file – please email us.

Autistic Pride Flag

Pastel Neurodiversity Symbol was released by MissLunaRose12 under the CC-by-SA 4.0  and can be accessed here.

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