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Loneliness in autistic adults


I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Kana Umagami, a PhD student at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at UCL Institute of Education. I am autistic myself, and my research is investigating loneliness in autistic adults. Currently, I am recruiting participants to take part in an online survey on this topic.

The link to the online survey (which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete) is available here.

I am wondering if you could forward this email (or circulate information about my research) to autistic adults in your network so that they can take part in my research?

Who is eligible for this research?

  • Aged over 18 (with no upper age limitation)
  • Living in the UK
  • Able to express their own thoughts (regardless of the ways they communicate)
  • Diagnosed or self-identified as autistic

I hope my research will provide a better understanding of loneliness in autistic adults and look forward to your network’s participation in my study!

Best wishes,



For autistic adults who either work, or have worked in an education role in a school in the UK

“A short, anonymous online survey for autistic adults who either work, or have worked in an education role in a school in the UK. This is a pilot survey, the aim of which is to get an initial idea of the sorts of education roles which autistic people have in schools and the kinds of issues they face. I hope that the survey will enable me to develop a more detailed and in-depth project on this issue in the future, for which I will be seeking funding. The overall idea is to understand better what needs to be done to help autistic school staff in their work and careers and enable better recruitment and retention of autistic staff, which in turn could benefit autistic children too.
This survey was itself devised with significant input from a committee of three autistic adults (two teachers and one who visits schools in a professional capacity), who agreed the final version. It has also been agreed following the rigorous ethical review processes of King’s College London.

Please note that the survey is live until 22nd December 2019.

Thanks, Dr Rebecca Wood.”

For Researchers

We are happy to support requests for autistic adult participants in research, subject to the following conditions:
1. The research is not being conducted by individuals or groups which are looking for a “cure” for autism, associated with Applied Behavioural Analysis, or genetic research or gene therapy.
2. You will provide us with a copy of the completed research to be stored in our Vault for the use of our Citizens.
We will post a short summary of your intended study or project here and post any other information, such as documents or posters, in a post on our Forum. We will then send out one post to promote the project on our social media platforms. If we’re particularly enthusiastic about your project, you are yourself a Citizen, or you can make a financial contribution to the Empire, we may do more.
If these are acceptable terms, please email with the following information:
* A short summary of your project, purpose, desired demographics of participants, terms of participation, compensation and proposed timeline (when the project/interviews/survey period will run and when you expect roughly to have the results written up by – we are autistic and we like to know these things).
* A deadline by which this advert can come down.
* An Instagrammable image, if you have one, that we can send out on our social media platforms.
* Any information sheets, ethics forms, posters or documentation that you want to go on the Forum.
Please note that we do run our own shoestring research projects and are always happy to hear from researchers who would be interested in amplifying, funding, partnering, or building on our work.