Shop – FAQ




What is this product made of? How big is this product? How slippy is it to the touch? Other questions about texture, size, taste, materials, etc.

The Autistic Empire is not a large operation. Our shop is run by one and a bit people trying to do our bit and we probably didn’t think of everything. This is where you come in! Please email us with your questions at if we missed something and we’ll try to find out the answer and update the product listings for other curious shoppers.



Do you accept euros/dollars/currencies other than the pound?

Due to the current limitations of our platform, we can only accept pounds. If you pay via PayPal, they should allow you to convert into your own currency.

Will you accept cheque/postal order/other non-electronic payment?

No. If you were to send us a cheque or cash, we’d have to cash it at a bank and we wouldn’t get round to it for ages and would probably have lost it by the time we remembered. Please don’t do that to us.

Can I amend/cancel an order?

If you contact us before we ship your order, then yes. If we have already shipped, then you will have to either accept the item or return it to us. Email us at ASAP if you’re having a problem.



How long will things take to arrive?

Nearly all of our products are drop-shipped by our suppliers or artists and so we are at their mercy. Shipping times should be displayed on each product.

My order hasn’t arrived?

Hmm, tricky. Email us at and let’s take a look.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We try to set our prices so that UK orders receive free shipping but we do have additional shipping zones for the EU, US and other places. We will be able to get your items to you somehow.



My product is broken/damaged/smells weird/looks funny/doesn’t make the right “click”.

So, we don’t really care why you’re unhappy – if you don’t like what you bought, we’re sorry and we’ll try to refund you. Whether we can do that is dependent on what you bought and the arrangement we have with our supplier. Send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.


Do you have a phone number I can ring?

This is an autistic company and all of us would rather ran away and hide in a hole forever than make or receive a phone call, so you can either email us at, or WhatsApp our business number at 07707 047 7872.