Trans Day of Visibility: Autistic and Transgender resources

Many members of the autistic community are transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender nonconforming. Many of us have unique experiences and perspectives of gender. Here are a few resources related to being autistic and trans + some cool autistic and trans people on the internet:


2016 Statement by Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, National Centre for Transgender Equality, and LGBTQ Task Force on the Rights of Transgender and gender Non-conforming People:


Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asperger/Autism by the Asperger/Autism Network:


Autism Traits in Treatment-Seeking Transgender Adults (2018)


More background information by the author, who is doing her PhD on interpersonal issues for trans people transitioning.


“The study found that participants on the autism spectrum were 7.59 times more likely to “express gender variance.””

(generally good article)


In-depth study of research into gender variance and autism:


On being trans and autistic:


Some autistic and trans people you should check out:

Seranine Elliot, a musician, model, and activist: Bandcamp Facebook

Alistair H, artist and activist: website YouTube

Asharah Saraswati/Art Twink, artist: Facebook, Instagram

Shain Neumeier, attorney, advocate: website, Twitter

s.e Smith, writer, editor: website, Instagram, Twitter

Lydia X. Z. Brown, advocate, organizer, writer: website, Facebook, Twitter