The Empire is expanding!


General London-based help needed – The Autistic Empire is currently incorporated as a company limited by shares in the United Kingdom. Sarah McCulloch is the sole director and shareholder of Imperial Trading and Services Limited. She is advised and supported by the Imperial Council, organised by our Secretariat, who meet monthly in London to advise Sarah and make key strategic decisions and set the direction of the Empire. We have two part-time paid staff, who manage our communications and e-commerce needs. In addition to this, we are being supported by a dozen other volunteers who are supplying skilled and unskilled help to cover our current deficits.

We’re still dreaming bigger than we can deliver. We are therefore inviting inquiries for volunteers who think this is a great idea and want to help make it happen. The current set-up is a very flat structure of committed people attending monthly meetings to discuss aspects that need developing (so super important you come to those because that’s where all the foundational stuff is happening) and then take on what they feel they can do from the tasklist that generates. That will probably change to a better structured, formalised system once everything’s live but right now it’s “turn up and do things” so the barrier to entry is very low. This is great if you want to get in before we take over the world and say you were there from the beginning.

If you are interested, please email me at with some sense of who you are, what you’re good at, how you see being autistic and what you’re interested in offering by way of skills or time. And please share.

Paid roles

We are currently recruiting for the follow roles. Please send CVs and covering letters to If you have a query, you can Whatsapp to +44 7522 421220, please note if you actually ring this number without prior agreement, I shall answer it only to get your name so your application can be shredded.

We particularly welcome applications from autistic people.

There are currently no paid vacancies.