The Empire is expanding!


General London-based help needed – We are currently developing the website and building the resources available to citizens on enrolment, but at our last Council meeting, it became apparent that our dreams and lists of cool ideas are too big and long to get done for our current team of four-ish.

We are therefore inviting inquiries for volunteers who think this is a great idea and want to help make it happen. The current set-up is a very flat structure of committed people attending monthly meetings to discuss aspects that need developing (so super important you come to those because that’s where all the foundational stuff is happening) and then take on what they feel they can do from the tasklist that generates. That will probably change to a better structured, formalised system once everything’s live but right now it’s “turn up and do things” so the barrier to entry is very low. This is great if you want to get in before we take over the world and say you were there from the beginning.

We’re hoping to launch in the final quarter of 2018, if we can get everything done in time. If you are interested, please email me at with some sense of who you are, what you’re good at, how you see being autistic and what you’re interested in offering by way of skills or time. And please share.

Paid roles

The deadline for both roles is the 1st July, 2018. Please send CVs and covering letters to If you have a query, you can Whatsapp to +44 7522 421220, please note if you actually ring this number without prior agreement, I shall answer it only to get your name so your application can be shredded.

If you think you have the skill-set to take on both roles, we welcome your application. We particularly welcome applications from autistic people.

Shop manager

4h/week guaranteed, all profit above overheads is put towards further hours for you until we have you at 16hrs. Will suit an entrepreneurial spirit.

Shop Employment Job Description

Communications officer

5h/week guaranteed, maintaining social media presence and promotional opportunities. Will suit a communications freelancer looking for new contracts, or someone looking to return to work and rebuild their CV.

Communications Employment Job Description

Your Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

The Autistic Empire is currently small enough that everything is still largely passing through me, Sarah McCulloch, though we have begun the process of shifting responsibilities. I work full-time during office hours and have limited availability. In order for the Empire to grow, I need to be able to firmly delegate tasks to people or groups of people and to know that they are being done competently and where something is unclear or a problem has arises, you will get in touch with me to communicate this.

I am both autistic and a hard INTJ – read about the INTJ manager here (hi it is me):

I have a great tolerance for people who need flexible working to manage their lives, particularly mental health issues. I am a mental health professional and an ordained minister and I have a great deal of consideration and affective empathy for people going through difficult times – that’s why we are building the Empire, to make our lives easier. But I have a very low tolerance for people who do not work with me and procrastinate, deflect or plain do not deliver.

Bottom line: I have a project to deliver and you have all the freedom in the world to tell me how I could do it better, to come up with innovative and creative solutions to problems, and to use our name to pursue your own avenues of interest, and to expect recognition, credit and where applicable, appropriate remuneration. But you need to help rather than hinder the delivery of the project.

I am held to account by the monthly Council meeting with regards to volunteers but employment matters are handled by me as the sole director of Imperial Trading and Services Ltd, the legal incorporation of the Empire.