Podcast Interview: Cultural Bilingualism & The Autistic Empire

Autistic Empire founder and director Sarah McCulloch appeared on the Two Sides of the Spectrum, a podcast hosted by occupational therapist Meg Proctor to “explore research, amplify autistic voices, and change the way we think about autism in life and in occupational therapy practice”. #

Sarah talked about what she learned as an autistic OT and in particular her work in a special school for autistic children. She also got the opportunity to discuss the vision for the Autistic Empire, what we have learned so far, and some of the projects we are currently working on.

From Sarah: “Thanks very much to Meg for the opportunity to speak about our work to her audience, it was a great experience and I hope it benefits the professionals listening.”

Visit Meg’s website to show notes and more information here: https://www.learnplaythrive.com/podcast/episode/2496a7d9/cultural-bilingualism-and-the-autistic-empire-with-sarah-mcculloch

Play the episode embedded below (a full transcript is also available):


If you want more podcasts about autistic life experience, shout-out to Audible Autism, the Autistic Empire’s own autonomous podcast!