PAID – Fun study for autistic preschoolers and school-going children run at King’s College London

My name is Julia Koziel and I am a researcher at King’s College London. Our team is currently looking for parents of pre-schoolers and school-age children with autism who would like to take part in our short study run remotely. We hope that our newly developed tablet tasks will inform clinicians or teachers about any additional support required by children. I am e-mailing to ask if you could provide your support by circulating the attached leaflets with members of Autistic Empire or sharing these materials on your social media? Any help would be much appreciated. 


The study aims to develop touch-screen cognitive games that reliably measure cognitive, social, and emotional development in children with autism, as well as with other neurodevelopmental disorders.  We have developed two applications, one for children between the ages of 2,5 and 6 and one for children between the ages of 6 and 11.


The study involves the child playing some tablet games for approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. The parent is then asked to fill in a few questionnaires about the child’s behaviour. We offer participants a £ 15 e-voucher for their participation.  


You can also refer interested participants to our webpage: If you have any questions, please email the research team at and we will answer any queries you may have. 



Poster (PDF)