Peer Clinic – Opening 2022

Many of the citizens of the Autistic Empire receive requests for their time with people who want to speak to an autistic adult. They may be a parent, professional, or newly identified autistic person who just want to consult an autistic person to gain their perspective. 

In recent years, these requests have increased significantly in number. While this is a very positive thing as awareness of autistic lives and advocacy increases, this is putting a heavy demand on our citizens to give their time and labour for free. 

We are therefore offering a paid peer clinic for anyone who would like to speak to an autistic adult on any topic. You can read the biographies, availability and fees of our current peers below. We come from a range of backgrounds, experiences and professions. You may request a specific peer you would like to speak to, or email us with what you want to talk about and we will match you with someone appropriate.


Learn more about our clinic and our peers here.