Give Us Money

Are you autistic? Have you enrolled as a citizen? Create an account here.

Time but not money? Rather build something than pay for it? Our vacancies are here.

Currently we are generously supported by our founder, but this limits us to the bare minimum of all of the plans that we have. To give you an idea:

£10 pays for a t-shirt design in our shop.

£50 pays for 5000 flyers about our work.

£200 pays for our business insurance.

£400 pays for a communications officer for a month.

£1000 pays for our web developer to build our peer mentoring platform.

£5000 pays for us to hire an event organiser to run our planned leisure conference for autistic adults.

We have big dreams and small wallets. We would be grateful for any contributions received to our investment fund. Everything is invested straight into developing our infrastructure so it becomes self-sustaining and revenue-generating. The more we receive, the faster the work goes, the sooner we liberate our people. It’s that simple.

We have three tiers of supporter:

Supporter – £5 or below – We intend to give contributors a thank you gif (we haven’t built this yet, but it’s coming and will be retroactive).

Contributor – £10 – Free Autistic Empire badge! (which you can see in our shop).

Investor – £20 or above – LIMITED TIME ONLY: free Autistic Empire drawstring bag as a thank you! We will also personally thank you on our investment wall on our website (again, we haven’t built this but it *is* coming!).

If you would like to invest a larger sum than this, we would be very grateful and would love to have a conversation with you about how we can best show our thanks. We also accept in-kind offers of help and support! Please just email us at

If you would like to make a bank transfer or invest in us some other way, please just email us at

Alternatively, if you just really liked a social media post, an article we published, or something neat we did, you can bung us the cost of a coffee on our Kofi account as a thanks to our creators who brightened your day:


Buy us a Coffee at

We post monthly partial reports to our Forum to indicate where our cash is going, and as a registered company we submit full financial accounts each year to Companies House.